The main attributes of Andromeda Group products are superior quality, food safety and freshness. The conditions throughout the entire production cycle are ideal for creating top quality fry and consequently for growing healthy fresh fish with perfect shape, vivid colors and delicious taste.

Andromeda Group produced species are species that live and grow in the Mediterranean Sea Region, providing them a natural environment of growth.

Our Fresh Fish are graded into different size categories and packaged in 5, 6 or 10 kg boxes.

Andromeda Group main species are:

GILTHEAD SEA BREAM (Sparus aurata)
It is of silver color with a black spot at the beginning of the side line above the operculum and a small orange spot below it. Its name was inspired from a bright golden arc (similar to a royal gilt) on its forehead.  

EUROPEAN SEA BASS (Dicentrarchus labrax)
Due to its swiftness and its aggressiveness, it is also known as the wolf of the sea (Loup de Mer). Its body is oblong and slim, similar to other fast-swimming fishes. On its back it has two fins. The first one is supported by spikes and the second is soft, but strong.

MEAGRE (Argyrosomus regius)
It belongs to the Sciaenidae family. It is a carnivorous fish that feeds mainly on smaller fish and swimming crustaceans.
It lives in deep sea water but is often found in shallow and rocky seabeds. It can be found in the Mediterranean, the Black sea and the Atlantic coast. Its length can reach 1,5m while its weight may reach 30 kg and its meat is very tasty.

SHARP SNOUT SEA BREAM (Puntazzo puntazzo)
It looks very much like a white Bream. It has a silver-gray color with 6 dark and 6 thinner and lighter in color vertical stripes. Its tail is shaped like a fork.

PAGRO MAGGIORE (Pagrus major)
It belongs to the Sparidae family. It lives in water with a depth of more than 250 meters. It has a characteristically large head, a curved back profile, a stumpy snout and a strong relatively wide mouth. It is red on the back, whereas its sides are pinkish silver and its belly is white silver. It is usually found in the Eastern and Western Atlantic Regions as well as in the Mediterranean.

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