With the ambition to offer the freshest possible Mediterranean fish to consumers, we have developed the "Mediterranean Project". The idea was initiated by the universal preference of consumers for fresh fish. Our main challenge was to find a way for our products to reach our customers as fresh as possible.

To achieve this target, we began searching for the expansion of our business activities to other Mediterranean countries in order to be able to offer the same value to all our customers through our local presence as producers. We carefully selected the locations for our fish farming units close to uor markets, introducing the "Mediterranean Project".

In 2008, we concluded the acquisition of Acuimar Group, a leading company in the Spanish aquaculture industry, which enables us to better serve the Iberian Peninsula and France. According to our expansion plan for production operations in the Mediterranean coastline, in June 2009 we announced the acquisition of Niordseas SL and a few months later in January 2010 the acquisition of Piscimar, both leading companies in the Spanish aquaculture industry. These acquisitions offer to Andromeda Group significant synergies, further improving our customer service in the European market.

Furthermore, following our strategy to minimize the time between harvesting and packaging, we placed our processing and packaging facilities close to the farming units, in order to receive and process the fish, immediately after harvesting. Taking a step closer to our target, to offer to consumers the freshest fish, we developed the principle of ‘night harvesting and morning deliveries'. Realizing the trend for user friendly products, we developed an added value line in many different forms (e.g. fillets, gutted, scaled, MAP) that minimize the required preparation time for cooking.

Through our facilities in Greece and Spain, we provide excellent customer service, delivering our fish to the main European markets and USA within 48 hours from harvesting, meeting our customers' expectations in terms of species, sizes and volume requirements.

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