Through close monitoring at all stages of the production cycle, we ensure high quality products which fully meet highest international standards and the strictest requirements of our customers.

We are certified with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 for all downstream from the hatcheries to the final customer.

Quality control protocols are applied to:

  • Fry
  • Fresh Fish
  • Raw Materials and Suppliers
  • Fish Feeds

The Fry (juveniles) used for farming the fish, originates from our own in-house production. Quality specifications are extremely strict so that the fry is of the highest standards.

We perform quality controls at various stages of the production process with regards to the following:

  • Control of hatched eggs percentage and yolk sac development.
  • Fry percentage lacking swim bladder (internal fish organ responsible for the fish movement at different depths).
  • Fry percentage with jaw deformities, skeletal malformations, and a lack of operculum (all those deformities decrease the value of the final product).
  • Removal of juvenile fish with absence of swim bladder and juvenile with operculum malformations as well as any other visible malformation during the process of flotation (process for the elimination of swim bladder absence).
  • Removal of juvenile fish with residual growth in order to improve fry quality.

Moreover, we perform additional quality controls before each shipment to ensure that juvenile fish meets our quality standards.

Quality controls of our fresh fish adhere to universally recognized methods for controlling quality (Quality Index Methods) in all batches of fish ensuring that all our products are safe, excellent in appearance and maintain high organoleptic standards meeting the requirements of our customers.

We regularly examine our product for: Dioxins, Histamine, Organophosphate and organochlorinated pesticides, Heavy metals, Antibiotics, Pathogenic bacteria and Intramuscular fat percentage.

The quality control of the harvested fish is completed in 4 phases: during the harvest process, at reception in the packing plant (before entering the packing process), during the packaging process and by sampling before the product is dispatched to the customer (after the packaging is concluded).

We collaborate only with suppliers who conform to hygiene and security regulations and fulfill the standard and agreed requirements. Our suppliers are regularly reviewed by the Purchasing Department according to the following criteria: Quality of their products, Application of quality system ISO/HACCP Food Certificates, Personnel Hygiene, Hygiene and safety in production areas/warehouse and Technical Requirements and Reputation.

Re-evaluation of suppliers is made every 2 years. The only exception made is the reassessment of suppliers with quality problems which are rated by the head of quality assurance. Evaluations are also made at the Andromeda Group external testing laboratories, in which we conduct the tests relating to quality control of food, water (seawater, drinking water and ice) and fish.

We feed our fish with the most suitable nutritious feeds. Besides the live feed which is produced by the company and used for feeding the fry, we also use fish feed produced by certified factories. At regular intervals, as dictated by our ISO specifications, our suppliers provide us with the results of analyses carried out by independent laboratories so that we are assured that the quality of feed meets our specifications.

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