Greece (2 packaging units)

  • Vonitsa
  • Igoumenitsa

Spain (1 packaging and processing unit)

  • Burriana

Andromeda Group owns three certified packaging facilities with an annual packaging capacity of 60.000 tons. Our packaging facilities are located close to our farms in order to minimize time elapsed between harvesting and packing. In this way we ensure the freshness of our end products.

Fish are harvested by large nets on specialized crane vessels. The fish are placed in customized isothermal tanks which are filled with ice and water, at a fixed temperature of 0-2°C, as foreseen by the legislation. Fish is transported in specially designed trucks to the packing units.

Their weighing and grading is done in a fully automated line. Fish is packaged in polystyrene boxes, covered with suitable film and ice and then sealed with security tape. Labels on the boxes are printed automatically, containing all the necessary information to ensure traceability of the product.

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