We are committed to environmental management and make every effort to keep the sea waters clean and healthy. Our preventive measures for achieving sustainable growth include the following actions:

  • Aqua farming in deep waters with strong currents and high renewal for removing the excrements of the fish
  • Daily visual monitoring of feeding, through cameras and divers, to prevent the accumulation of uneaten feed on the sea bottom
  • Daily visual observation of the seabed by professional divers
  • Laboratory tests on benthic organisms to monitor the substrate
  • Dyneema type nets and daily visual inspection of the nets to avoid escapes
  • Regular cleaning of the sea coast adjacent to our sea farms
  • Floating barriers for protection against the possibility of an oil spill
  • Minimal usage of natural resources using a water recirculating system in our hatchery
  • Usage of biological cleaning systems in the hatchery and in the packaging facilities
  • Recycling of the solid waste from the materials used in our farming operations
  • Preventive measures to minimize the impact of any accident
  • Laboratory analyses for the monitoring of our environmental footprint in the water parks where we produce our fish
  • Continuous improvement of all our practices to minimize any environmental impact
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