All our subsidiaries are strategically positioned in order to execute our strategy: to offer all our customers the freshest possible Mediterranean fish.

Andromeda Group Headquarters are located in Athens as to efficiently manage our commercial expansion and monitor our international operations.

ANDROMEDA SA has offices in Patras and production facilities along the coast of Western Greece for producing, trading and distributing both juveniles and fresh fish. Most of Andromeda SA farming units are positioned close to Italy, enabling us to service the Italian market in less than 24 hours.
Andromeda ranks among the leading companies of the aquaculture sector in Greece.

ACUICOLA MARINA is a production company of Andromeda Group located in Spain, acquired by Andromeda in May 2008. Its facilities are located 4 miles from Burriana's coast (Valencia region), facilitating fast transportation to our processing and packaging station.

FRESCAMAR is the commercial arm of Andromeda Group in Spain. Its facilities, which also include a state of the art processing unit with a wide range of added value products, are located in Burriana (Valencia region), close to the neighboring markets of Portugal and France.

NIORDSEAS was acquired in July 2009. It ranks among the leading companies of the Spanish aquaculture sector with presence in the production and trading of juveniles and fresh fish. With production facilities in the region of Alicante, Murcia and Barcelona, it services not only the Spanish market but also important export markets such as France and Central Europe. Niordseas possesses an advanced know-how in producing meagre (corvina), a new promising species.

PISCIMAR, the most recent member of the group, was acquired in January 2010. Based in Burriana, it is the largest hatchery and nursery company in Spain with dedicated facilities to the breeding and pre-fattening of gilthead sea bream, sea bass and other Mediterranean species. Its modern facilities, which implement the most advanced production techniques, have an annual production capacity of 20 million juveniles of 10 gram size. Moreover, the company owns a private property of 28 acres, which can be used for the expansion of its production capacity.

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