A Plentiful Future Together

Since November 2019, and with the support of AMERRA Capital Management LLC and Mubadala Investment Company, we've brought together three of the most successful aquaculture companies in the Mediterranean - Andromeda, Nireus and Selonda. *

Our combined expertise, resources and strong position in Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) and Corvina / Meagre (Argyrosomus regius) production mark the beginning of a new era in aquaculture.

This achievement has only been possible with the relentless effort of our people, our unmatched skills, our passion for fish and the trust of our customers. We are looking forward to working together with our customers and families around the world to widen our community of people who know and love fish. Together, we can set new depths of partnership and deliver even higher quality, sustainability and unparalleled innovation. Read more about the merger in our press releases:

Please contact Katerina Chatzopoulou for any media enquiries or call (+30) 2106640963 (int. 224). * This transaction has been approved by the European Commission, under the EU Anti Trust Legislation, following the agreed divestiture of parts of the joint business as a remedy package. The three companies remain separate legal entities for the time being and subsidiaries to the Andromeda Seafood Group.

A Promise To Our Customers

As our valued customers, we want to reassure you that in the short term, it will be business as usual with all of our three companies operating as normal. Your points of contact will remain the same, and you’ll continue to experience the same exceptional standard of service.

Over time, we'll leverage the combined knowledge, expertise and resources of our three companies to further improve our services, bringing more innovation, higher quality, and a more valuable partnership.

We're highly optimistic about the future and we're honored to be able to take this journey with you.

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Alex Myers
" The completion of the sale of Nireus and Selonda to Andromeda Seafood Group marks the beginning of the next phase in the growth of our business with the ambition to lead in Mediterranean aquaculture.

We are excited to begin working together, learning from each other, enhancing our operations and continuing to provide a healthy Mediterranean seafood experience for our customers and families around the world.

As we begin to leverage the talents of our companies and share best practices, we are more optimistic than ever about the future and the results that will be achieved by the combined group.
Alex Myers, CEO of Andromeda Seafood Group

Another Level Of Leadership

We've brought together an exceptional new leadership team with experienced professionals recruited from leading worldwide consumer brands and aquaculture companies.

Our diverse group will focus on developing a stronger customer-driven approach and delivering exceptional results.

Introducing The Team

Thor Talseth
" This is an exciting time for Andromeda Seafood Group as we complete the acquisition of Nireus and Selonda, and immediately gain an important position in the dynamic European aquaculture market.

Nireus and Selonda bring tremendous strengths in product development, technology and production efficiency that complement Andromeda's historic excellence in exports.

Our leadership team will focus on delivering ever-higher standards of quality, sustainability and product innovation for our customers and consumers.
Thor Talseth, Chairman of the Board

Our Mission, Vision And Values

The foundations of our new company stretch across a wider region of the Mediterranean from Spain to Greece, working together with key stakeholders to help build on our existing strengths.

Together, we have defined our path forward through our new group mission and vision.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To bring the best of the Mediterranean to the table: better fish for better lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We inspire millions every year to embrace the best Mediterranean fish, grown with our unmatched skills and passion.

Our Values

Partner to Win

Partner to Win

New challenges are opportunities for great rewards. We believe that the only way to win big is to leverage the knowledge, skills and ideas of people from diverse backgrounds. Partnership is our way of working - with our colleagues, suppliers, customers and community. We foster an inviting working environment where people enjoy collaborating to deliver significant value to our industry. We are a community of people who know fish and love fish. Every individual at our company has something valuable to contribute across all areas of our operations, and we work together to achieve and celebrate success.

Lead with Care

Lead with Care

The future of our industry is in our hands to shape. We must lead by example and do the right thing to enrich the lives of as many people as possible. Caring is at the heart of our culture. We believe we are nothing without our people, our partners and our planet. For this reason, we take great responsibility to treat them with the highest respect, consideration and integrity. Our future legacy is the positive impact we make on everyone and everything we touch. This starts with developing our people to become the best stewards and champions of natural aquaculture for future generations.

Inspire to Improve

Inspire to Improve

Good is never enough, which is why we don't stand still and why we continually strive for excellence. As our industry evolves, we aim to always be one step ahead. We focus on relationships, with fairness at the center of our culture, and believe in our people to reach new inspiration and elevate our business. We value creativity, and empower our people to solve problems in new and different ways - and sometimes, this means stretching beyond what we know. For us, openness and agility are of utmost importance because we believe there is always a better way. We embrace change with insight and enthusiasm to see and capture new opportunities ahead.