Our vision is to create a new premium product range that will offer consumers a new great tasteful experience.

May we present you our new exquisite product range:


PR1MUS Sea Bass

Awarded with 3 stars for it’s High Quality and Great Taste in 2017 ITQI tasting in Brussels


PR1MUS Sea Bream


Awarded with 2 stars for it’s High Quality and Great Taste in 2017 ITQI tasting in Brussels


PR1MUS Red Porgy


Awarded with 2 stars for it’s High Quality and Great Taste in 2017 ITQI tasting in Brussels


Key success Factors:

A dedicated PR1MUS Team of experts and the highest Quality Standards !

The dedicated team of experts that solely handle PR1MUS is lead by a highly skillful Biologist and consists of:

Specially trained feeders
Specially trained Harvesting team
Packaging experts that monitor and hand select each and every fish
The highest quality standards implied are very simple Only The Very Best Fish is PR1MUS!!!


Fry Selection

Strict Selection of 5th Generation High Quality Fry from Andromeda’s own Hatchery.


Farm Selection

Carefully Selected Farm Sites with Optimum Environmental Conditions host the unique PR1MUS Products facilitating fish to develop Ideal Product Characteristics


Farm Management

Minimum Possible Cage Density for even better Growth, Excellent Shape & Size and even Greater Taste. Strict Farm Monitoring on a Regular Basis.


Feed Selection

Special Nutritious Diet GMO Free enriched with vitamins and minerals for Unique Taste and Enhancement of the Natural Characteristics of the Fish



Harvesting from a Specially Trained Team, in Small Quantities to Avoid Fish Injuries obtaining Ideal Temperature Conditions to Maintain Freshness until Packaging



Selection of a Packaging Facility in the Shortest Distance from Farm, for Reducing Transportation Time to a Minimum


Packaging – Quality Assurance

Specially Trained Quality-Expert Validates that Final PR1MUS Product Meets the Strict Premium Standards of the Range.


Packaging - Screening

The Packaging with Strict Screening (one by one, by hand) of the Fish is Taking Place immediately upon the Arrival at the Packing Station.


Packaging – New Fish Boxes


New Larger Fish Boxes for Better Positioning of the Fish that Brings Out their Unique Characteristics, as well as Larger Capacity for Ice for Ideal Preservation.


Packaging – The PR1MUS Seal of Quality


Limited Production

PR1MUS Production is Limited to Ensure Excellent Product Characteristics



PR1MUS Fish are only available when they develop all their superb characteristics shinning in their bright full of health colors
Quality you can see!!!
We never harvest PR1MUS Fish during pregnancy period from November till early May contributing to their welfare
Enjoy Gourmet PR1MUS Fish cooked with simple Mediterranean recipes as a part of Super Healthy Mediterranean Diet
We care a lot for Fish – we care a lot for You!!!






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