1998: Andromeda S.A. is founded

2001: Phase One of Andromeda's genetic selection program is launched

2001-2006: Andromeda is ranked among the leading aquaculture companies in Greece with consistent growth and superior results throughout the period

2006: SEEF, a fund advised by Global Finance, acquires a majority stake in Andromeda. Phase Two of Andromeda's genetic selection program is launched

2007: Strategic investment in a Sea Park and packaging facility in Igoumenitsa the nearest Greek port to Italy

2008: Phase Three of Andromeda's genetic selection program is launched. Investment in a second hatchery in Western Greece. Initiation of the ‘Mediterranean project' with the acquisition of Acuimar Group in Spain.

2009: Acquisition of Niordseas SL in Spain.

2010: Acquisition of Piscimar in Spain.

2011: Acquisition of Kalypso, Sargonaftes and Hydrokosmos in Greece. Strategic agreement with Maremar in Spain.

2016: Amerra Capital Management LLC acquires Andromeda Group and sets new growth targets.

Future: Andromeda Regional growth, M&A activity. Andromeda aims to become a leading player in the Mediterranean Aquaculture Industry.

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